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Living Off the Land: Information and Introduction

Bishop Farm

Information:  In this game, I will give my Sims enough money to buy their fully furnished home, which I will download off of TSR, and to buy their chickens and cows. They will not work a job, but the land. They will fish and grow fruits and vegetables and "kill" their livestock for food. For money they can sell their produce, any extra fish/meat to the local market. They will not drive vehicles, but they will ride horses or walk.

Also, if you follow me on TS3 website, you may notice a few of these gorgeous creations (if I do say so myself)! They are in My Studio, free to download, but I do stress and ask you to not re-upload any of my creations and CLAIM them as your own. Thank you so much in advance.


Introductions:  Here is where you will get to know the characters more closely from "Living Off the Land." You will learn about other characters in the main character's lives. This is just to give you better view of who they are as a person. Those who are a main part of the story will have a picture and an (*) sign next to their names.

*Isolde Bishop (Corkie Jackson) - Isolde is the wife of Tristan Bishop and Mother to Sebastian (Bash) Bishop.
Back story: At the age of 2 years, Isolde lost her Mother and baby brother, Oweynn, to The Plague. Her Father, Robert, once a happy fellow fell into a deep depression. It wasn't until he'd been approached by the Bishop's that he came around. Allan Bishop purposed an arranged marriage between Robert's daughter, Isolde and one of his son's. Elias Bishop. The Bishop's would have Isolde and Robert over twice a week for a month and then they started having JUST Isolde over. Tragedy struck the Bishop family and Elias ran away. Not knowing of their betrothal, Isolde and Tristan were quickly paired with one another without anyone knowing any better. When Tristan, already in love with Isolde and needing no pushing in the matter, turned 18 he purposed to Isolde (who was 15) and they were wedded that following month. Just before Isolde's 16th birthday, she gave birth to a little girl, they named her Alice. After Isolde's Mother. Little Alice died the following summer. It wasn't until Tristan and Robert brought the Doctor to see Isolde that they found out she was with child. Snapping her out of her melancholy. Six months later, Isolde gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom they named Sebastian.

*Tristan Bishop (Hunter) - Husband to Isolde Bishop and Father to Bash.
Back StoryTristan is the second son out of the four Bishop boys. There's Elias, Tristan, Henry and Louis. Not knowing of his older brother's betrothal to Isolde, Tristan quickly fell head over heels for the girl that visited his farm quiet often. First with her Father and then later by herself. They were inseparable. Just before Tristan's 16th birthday, his Mother died and his youngest brother had been murdered and his oldest brother, had taken off right after they were put in the earth. Never to be seen or heard from again. Allan died a few years later. By then, Henry had moved away to join the Kings Army and Tristan took over the Bishop Farm. Though it was tradition that the farm be handed down to the eldest boy in the family, Elias gave up that right when he ran away from his family. When Bash was 4 years old, Elias returned begging Tristan for forgiveness. Not needing to hear his brother's reasons for leaving, Tristen welcomed his most beloved brother with open arms.
*Elias Bishop (Ash Harness) - Older brother to Tristen Bishop and eldest son of Allan Bishop.
Back Story: Elias was his parent's pride and joy! First born son, with all the luck in the world. Elias was an expert marksman by the age of 9, he could hunt better than his Father by the age of 12. He often would ride his horse to the market, since he was 8 years, to trade his catch for other goods since his family was not lacking in money. He had just came home from fishing, a great catch he had, when he saw her for the first time. Isolde and her Father, Robert, were introduced to Elias and his three younger brothers during the spring after the first wave of The Plague had died off. When Elias was 17, his Mother had been attacked by Thieves and was thrown from her horse causing her to go into early labor. Because of too much blood loss caused by internal injuries and child birth, his Mother died. Shortly after, his baby sister also died. They were buried in their family plot that was located at the back of the property.  Feeling responsible for his Mother's death, Elias expressed his need to track the thieves who attacked her to his Father, but Allan made it clear that it was out of the question. Unbeknownst to Elias and Allan, little Louis had been listening in and wanting to make his eldest brother proud of him.. He stole his Father's knife and Elias's bow and sheath of arrows and left the farm at sundown to track the thieves. Allan and Elias realized after noticing their gear was missing along with Louis, immediately set out to find him. Taking the family dog, who's name was Dog, to shorten search time.. they happened upon him a mile northwest from where his Mother had been attacked. He was laying at the edge of the wood. Weapons still on his person. They thought he had just fallen asleep, but when they reached Louis, the saw his throat had been slashed. Louis died alone and scared. Blaming himself, Elias took his bow and sheath and left on foot not leaving word to his two younger brothers or Father when he was to return. When he finally had returned, his brother had married Isolde. They'd had two children, one was no longer alive and the other just turning four. He looked a lot like Louis had before he died. Happy. Full of life. He became instantly attached to his nephew, but his heart ached to hold Isolde in his arms. To kiss her and tell her he loved her. So he kept his distance. Only coming to visit when it was Bash's birthday, or whenever his brother would send word that he needed him.

Alice Bishop: Daughter of Isolde and Tristen Bishop.
Back Story: It was late summer, when little Alice passed away from consuming lady's lace, or otherwise known as Hemlock.
Isolde's grief knew no bounds. Alice was buried in the Bishop family plot next to Tristan's Mother and youngest brother, Louis.
*Sebastian Bishop: First born son to Isolde and Tristan Bishop.
Back StoryBash, as he likes to be called, is a very happy boy. He does a lot of the fishing for his family and Papa is teaching him how to hunt, while Mama is teaching him how to skin rabbits and properly store the meat. He helps by feeding the Chickens and loves playing with the ducks by the pond. He's going to grow up to be a proper young man who knows how to work the land.

Samuel and Marta - Samuel and Marta are friends of Isolde and Tristan's.
Back Story: They live near town and they often stay there overnight when it is close to sunset so as not to be on the treacherous roads at night. Samuel and Marta have two children. They lost their daughter, Elizabeth, to an animal attack. Their oldest daughter, Molly, is very sickly. She'd been that way ever since Lizzie's death.

Robert - Isolde's Father
Back Story: Robert was never the marrying type, they all said. Betrothed to a girl named Augustine, Robert dismissed his parents wishes and was kicked out of his home because of it. He'd never amount to anything, his Father told him the day he'd left. Boy did Robert prove them wrong. Robert built and owned his own Mill. He worked it and as soon as he started making enough money he hired on others to work FOR him. That's how he met Alice. Alice was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. When he'd set aside enough money, Robert went to Alice's Father and offered him 20 pounds of silver in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage. He explained that he understood that this was not how things went, but he had no family to speak of and he would wanted to marry someone of good heritage to create heir's to leave behind his fortune. Alice's Father accepted. They were wed the following fortnight. Alice gave birth 11 months later, to a beautiful little girl whom she named Isolde. After her best friend. Two years later, she became pregnant with their second child. It was the happiest times of their lives. Then Alice was stricken with The Plague. Robert stayed with Alice as long as he could, but once the Doctor told him it was The Plague, Alice demanded he leave her side and keep Isolde away from her. She'd be damned if she gave this to her husband and daughter. Robert threw himself into his work, that's how he heard of Anne. Calling on her, he hired Anne to tend to his wife's needs as well as his daughters with specific instructions on how to clean herself before tending to Isolde. Once his wife and unborn son died. Robert went into a state of shock. He was aware of his surroundings, but he seemed to be stuck inside himself. Anne stayed on and took over handling his business and caring for not only himself, but little Isolde. He watched her for five years from in his shell, grow into a beautiful and brilliant little girl. Spitting image of her Mother, just with his hair coloring. He watched Anne. Anne, who fed him like a baby. Bathed and clothed him. Somewhere in the years that followed his wife's death, Anne had moved in with Robert and Isolde. She shared Robert's room with him, though she slept on the floor. When she spoke to him about Isolde and an arranged marriage as a safety net incase anything were to happen to him. He wanted to scream at her. Isolde was all he had left of his wife and son. How could she think he would let her go?! Then Allan Bishop came to see him. Every day for three days he proposed the same thing. On the third day, Robert met him at the door and shook his hand. Years later, after Tristan and Isolde were married, Robert proposed to Anne. A few months after they were wedded, Robert and Anne lost their one and only child. After the lose of his Granddaughter, Anne and Robert moved closer to Anne's family.

Anne - Neighbor to Isolde's family. Nursed the pregnant Alice while she was sick with The Plague.
Back Story: Anne lived down the way and came to nurse Alice in her time of need and took care of tiny little Isolde. After Alice and her baby passed, Anne continued to tend to Isolde and her needs, essentially raising her as her own daughter. She took care of Robert during his "black period" after he lost his wife and son to The Plague. It was Anne who spoke to the Bishop's of young Isolde and her current situation. With Robert showing no sign of coming out of his depression, Anne became desperate for Isolde and what her future would bring her if Robert were to die. It was years after Robert snapped out of it, that he proposed to Anne. They had only one child, who was a stillbirth. Anne and Robert, knowing that Isolde would be well cared for by Tristen, moved closer to Anne's family so that she could help her sister's with their sickly Mother.

Allan and Mary Bishop - Father and Mother to Elias and Tristan
Back Story: Allan and Mary were well known and well loved by many. They befriended almost everyone who they came into contact with and helped everyone they could in their time of need. When sweet Anne came to them, telling them of this beautiful little girl who'd through losing her Mother, her brother and essentially her Father, she's grown to be strong and healthy and extremely intelligent. Anne pleaded with the Bishop's to meet Isolde, or at least watch her from afar as to get a better sense of her person. They agreed. So it was arranged that they would view Isolde from afar, thus leading to Mary marching up to Isolde after watching the young child all but brow beat a man who had tried to take her goods she'd purchased from the market. After walking and talking with Isolde, Mary proposed to her husband an arranged marriage between Isolde and their eldest son Tristan. Allan approached Robert, Isolde's Father, about the proposal.. it took a few days of coming to and from to get Robert to wake up, but once he did he accepted Allan's off eagerly. At first, Allan thought it was due to the fact that he just wanted to die alone and miserable. Then he realized the man, too, had the same fears as Anne did. A few years after their arrangement, Mary was attacked and later died after giving birth almost 6 months early. Their daughter, Anne, died with her. And that same night, their youngest son took off to exact his revenge on his Mother's killer and in tern, lost his life. Elias, feeling shame and guilt for what happened, ran away. Allan was beside himself with grief when Anne came to him. She convinced him that an arranged marriage still benefitted both parties and that Tristen and Isolde should be betrothed. She saw how Tristan watched her. She knew he loved her. Allan agreed. Not too long after Isolde and Tristan were wedded, Allan died.

Henry Bishop - Younger brother to Elias and Tristen, older brother to Louis.
Back Story: After all the tragedy that struck his family, Henry could not bare to sit around and watch his brother Tristan's happiness to his bride, Isolde, any longer. He struck out on his own. Living in the wood, sleeping in trees. It wasn't until after the death of his beloved niece, who so much looked like his Mother, that he left and joined the King's Army.

Louis Bishop: Youngest son of the Bishop family
Back Story: Little Louis wanted to be just like his eldest brother, Elias. Strong, Brave, genius with a bow and arrow and a great hunter. Elias taught Louis to catch and clean a fish. To sharpen a knife, pluck a chicken and how it's important to wash behind his ears. He was his hero. He was very close to his Mother, being that he was only six years old. His Father was a big man, but Louis - who was afraid of his own shadow, found his Father to be a bit frightening. When he found out that his Mother had been killed, Louis cried until there were no tears left to cry. He then became angry that thieves had taken his Mother and baby sister away from him. He wanted so badly to be a big brother, he was going to teach baby Anne to fish! Just like Elias taught him. So, Louis stole his Fathers hunting knife and Elias's bow and sheath. He knew it was the law that no person or animal be left out at night because of what lay in the wood, but he did not care! He was going to cut those thieves from their belly to the neck. Just like he was taught to cut/clean fish! He was a mile from where his Mother had been attacked, her blood soaked into the earth marking the spot where she'd landed after being thrown from her horse, when there was a snapping behind him. Someone's feet, breaking twigs? He turned around to see William Hersh SR and Theodore Hersh. They were laughing at him, he lunged at William SR with his Father's knife, but William caught Louis's arm, causing him to scream out in pain. William laughed and tossed the knife to Theodore, and nodding to his older son, told him to kill Louis. Louis, spit in Theodore's face. Theo, pissed off at the kid, raised his hand with the knife posed above Louis's head and stared at the boy who's eyes burned with a hatred he'd never seen before. That's when his Mother, Augustine came out of nowhere, taking the knife from her son and grabbing the boy from his Father, she put her arm around the boy's chest as if to comfort him.. that's when he watched his Mother cut the Bishop boy's throat. His younger brother, William Hersh JR, stood by the road and watched.

Theodore Hersh - Eldest son of William SR and Augustine Hersh
Back Story: After watching his mother kill the Bishop boy. Theodore was never the same. He'd only wanted to scare the kid.. but then.. isn't that what his Father said about Mary Bishop? That he'd only wanted to scare her? How was he to know her horse would react that way, right? Although, later after the rumors started that the Hersh family somehow had a hand in the deaths of Mary, Anne and Louis Bishop, he began to distrust his entire family. The only person he did trust, was his little sister Eliza. Though she was not right in the head, he felt that she understood and saw more clearly than anyone else ever did.
It was on the anniversary of Louis and Mary's death that Theodore went to the spot where they died. He'd left flowers where Mary and fallen and it was where Louis's body had been left that his brother, William, happened upon him. He never suspected it, he'd been wiping the tears from his eyes and had turned his head just in time to see his brother pull a hunting blade from his boot and stab Theodore in side of his throat. William stabbed him again and again until Theodore laid there, motionless. Seconds before Theodore died, he heard Eliza sobbing his name. The last thing he saw before he involuntarily closed his eyes, was William charging at his sweet sister with the knife poised above his head and Eliza stood there, looking at Theo, crying for her brother who could not protect her anymore.
*William Hersh - Current Hersh living on Hersh land, son of William SR. and Augustine. Older brother Theodore and little sister Eliza.
Back Story: William Hersh is a beast and a man that you do not want to toil with. The Hersh's have always had it in for the Bishop's, always trying to sabotage their lives and their property. It was rumored that the Hersh's some how had a hand in the death of Allan Bishop's wife, Mary and their unborn daughter. That they were also linked to the murder of their youngest son, Louis Bishop. Though nothing had been proven, everyone felt these rumors to be true and usually avoided any Hersh that walked through town. And William was not any better. 16 at the time of Mary and Louis's death, Hersh had his eyes on Isolde. When he had learnt of her betrothal to Elias Bishop, he had become enraged and swore he would get back at him and every Bishop that ever lived. And what to his surprise when Isolde's son, Sebastian, showed up on his stoop begging him to make him a deal for two of his horses. Though little did little Bash know, William and killed an entire family for those horses, so he felt no loss when he agreed to give Bash the horses in exchange for him to come work for him until he died. Eager and naïve, Sebastian eagerly agreed to William's terms. Stalking little Sebastian Bishop on his way back to his the Bishop farm, he went over and over how he was going to kill him. Kill him because he hated any and every Bishop there ever was. Kill him because he was not his son. Isolde would mourn him, but she would move on. And he would give her more children. Hersh children. As he was stalking Bash, he thought he heard a noise behind him. He turned to look and he heard Isolde scream. As soon as he turned to look at the Bishop farm, the creature lunged at William and bit him shoulder and William knew that his life would never be the same.

*Mabel Tulle - One of the first female Doctor's in her village, Widower. Second wife to Elias Bishop.
Back Story: Mabel grew up in the same village as the Bishops and lived not too far from their farm. She, with her bright red hair and tom boyish demeanor, had got along well with most of the villagers and was even the apple of Tristan Bishop's eye that is until after he Mother passed and her Father sent her off to live with her Aunt elsewhere so that she could get a 'better education' from her and her husband. Later she came back as a Doctor. She was married and had just had her first child, a son, when rumors started swirling about a plague. It turned out it was something far different than the plague she knew as a child, but still she left her infant and child at home to go and tend to those who were in need. While she was gone, her home had caught fire and her husband and son perished. After Robert approached her about his daughter's husband needing a wife after she passed, Mabel could not think of anything else, but helping out the sick and mourning over her loss. She couldn't even think about being with another man. It felt wrong. That is until he told her about his daughter's infant who was slowly starving to death and she having supple breasts full of mother's milk that could help her. Not bearing to think of another innocent soul being ripped from this earth and its parents arms before its time, Mabel bucked up and agreed to marry Elias. She didn't intend to lay with him. She didn't intend to fall in love with him or his children. She simply was doing this to save an innocents life, but fall she did.

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