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Chapter 1.5

It is law that all person(s) must be inside and all animals in their respected pen's or indoors when the sun sets. This law is due to thieves, murderers and monsters that reside in the wood.
Sebastian was to go fishing, after his lessons with Marta, for tonight's supper. Isolde became frantic when she saw that it was starting to get dark outside and there had been no sight of her only child!

 Isolde had been pacing outside waiting for Tristen to come home, when she heard Tristen's call. Running to the edge of the property, Isolde frantically waved her arms trying to signal her husband that something was wrong. Squinting Isolde could see someone riding a horse towards the house, but couldn't quiet make out who it was. She knew she'd heard Tristan's call, but at this point she didn't care who it was as long as she found her son!
As the person neared closer, she could tell that it was Horse and on it was Elias.

"ELIAS!!" Isolde called to her husband's older brother. "IT'S SEBASTIAN!"

Hearing Sebastian's name, Elias did not need to be urged to go faster. He heeled Horse, a little harder than necessary, into a gallop. Once upon her, she realized her husband was riding behind Elias.

"OH!" She cried in surprise, "TRISTAN!"

"What is it, Wife?" As he started to dismount his brother's horse.

"No, no!! You must stay on Horse. Sebastian hasn't come home from Marta's!" Isolde said, her voice giving way her emotional distress. She was close to tears at the thought of her losing her son. She could not, would not, lose another child.

"Hang on, Brother!" Elias called back to Tristan, kicking Horse. They were off like hell was at their heels.

"Please find him.." Isolde whispered. "Please."

Isolde was beside herself with relief when she heard her son's call letting her know that he was home. She raced out to give him a good scolding for being out so late, when he knows the law and knows how upset Isolde would be when he didn't arrive home when he was suppose to. She was almost to the lane when she came to a sudden stop. Her breath hitching in her throat, then she screamed.

She'd already turned away and was getting ready to run inside and lock the doors, when she glanced back over her shoulder in time to see a small figure emerge between two large creatures. She heard Bash's call once more, alerting her to his presence. Connecting the small figure to her son's call, Isolde started laughing at herself. Then she realized that the two beasts behind her son were but two full grown horses... he was leading them!! She felt very silly for how she reacted and a little light headed.

When her son finally was in hearing distance, Isolde folded her arms across her chest and looked directly into her Bash's eyes.
"BASH!! Wh... how!? Boy, you best tell me where these horses came from before your Father is to return!" Isolde demanded to her son.

"Mama, I've been workin' hard for these here horses!" Her son started.
"I made a deal with William Hersh!"

Isolde stopped herself from racing out to her son and pulling him into her arms at the mention of William's name. She couldn't believe that he, of all people, would even give her son the time of day. He was after all a Bishop. Everyone knew the Hersh's did not like the Bishop's. Though if Isolde were being totally honest with herself, she knew it wasn't just the fact that her son was a Bishop that surprised her of her son and William's deal, but that he was also HER son.

William hated Isolde for marrying Tristan Bishop. Hated her because he wanted her and she knew it, but still chose to marry Tristan. Not only choosing his sworn enemy as her husband, but wounding his ego in the process of dismissing his marriage proposal. Isolde knew it wasn't his feelings that drove him to propose to her. The Hersh family were all about appearance and money. Isolde was a beauty and would have been considered a true prize by many men. It also helped that her Father owned his own Mill. Isolde wasn't about that though and had made it very clear that she wasn't looking for money or good looks in a husband. She wanted her marriage to be about love. The kind of love her Father had for her Mother.

Isolde looked at her son for what felt like to Sebastian, hours.
Finally when she spoke to him, her voice was grave.

"You made what kind of deal with William Hersh?" Isolde demanded, squinting her eyes at her son.

"He said I could have 'em, but I have to promise to come work his land twice a fortnight, until he dies Mama!" exclaimed Bash. Excited that he made a deal. Showing that he could be responsible. Or at least trying anyways.

Overcome with joy that her son was alive and unharmed, Isolde could hardly discipline her only child. Though she should, not coming straight home and making a deal with William Hersh of all people. She knows his intentions were good and she could tell by looking into her son's eyes that he was very proud of himself. Sighing, Isolde walked out and hugged her son tightly.

"You're going to make a fine man when you grow up, me dear sweet boy." She grabbed the reigns of the male horse and started checking him over.
"Horses take a lot of caring for, Sebastian. You have to keep their coats brushed and hooves clean. You must feed them and fill their trough every day." Isolde started cleaning the male horses hooves.
"They must be ridden often.. to keep them in shape. Because you made this deal, this is going to be your responsibility, Sebastian Bishop. Also, you will tell your Father of your deal with Mr. Hersh. Understood?"

"Yes, Mama. I will, Mama!! That one there, his name is Heart. And this female, she's Enya! Papa is going ..," Bash paused, anxiety riddled his voice.
"Mama, will Papa be mad at me for not telling him?"

Isolde hid her face so that her son could not see her smile. It's true, Tristan is a kind hearted man who hardly ever raises his voice, let alone his hand in anger. She knew her husband would just be thankful that their son were home and safe. Bash is a good boy and never has done anything like this before, but Isolde felt that he needed to understand that what he did was very dangerous. That what he did could have had serious consequences.

"Who's to say, dear boy." Isolde spoke in soft tones, loud enough for Bash to hear her, but quiet enough as to not spook Heart. "He is.. often unpredictable. I know that he and your Uncle were very worried and upset when you did not show when you were suppose to."

"Uncle is here?!" Sebastian asked excitedly. Bash loved his Uncle Elias. He was his favorite Uncle. Well, he'd have to admit that he didn't really know his Uncle Henry. Just that he fought for the King's Army. Uncle Elias was a God to Bash. His hero, besides his Father.

"Mm.." answered Isolde. Quietly working over Heart.

Bash took his Mother's silence as his queue. He should get Enya worked over and in the stables that his Papa and Uncle Elias had built before they were to return.

Bash smiled as he turned his full attention to Enya. She was a true beauty. He'd never seen horses like these before. He will have to have Papa help him brand them with their mark, and he will have to pay to register them. He knows Papa will be upset, but he won't be mad. He is goin' take real good care of these horses. He knew she should have told Papa of his plans, but he knew that he wouldn't let me go through with it. They so desperately needed the horses and Sebastian wanted to help out his Ma and Pa in the worst way. Bash stood beside Enya, brushing her coat, thinking of how he was going to explain to Papa what he'd done.

Isolde's voice jostled Sebastian out of his thoughts.

"Now don't forget to clean her hooves, Bash. Like I showed you with ole Heart here." Isolde called to her son.

"Alright boy.. Steady now," Isolde said in a soothing voice.
"Let's try this here saddle on you, Ole boy."
Suddenly, Heart reared up almost knocking Isolde over..
Barely containing a scream, Isolde bit her tongue. Tasting blood in her mouth, she spat it out on the ground causing Heart to buck. Isolde held as still as she could as to not frighten the horse more by any sudden movements.
He was still jumpy and whinnying when she slowly turned, walked over to the fencing that surrounded the garden and plucked a carrot.

"It's alright boy." Isolde crooned to Heart.
She held out her hand, palm facing up, fingers straight and flat so that the horse did not bite them.

The carrots seemed to calm him.. nudging her pocket for more, Isolde held out another carrot for this massive and powerful animal.. 'So strange,' Isolde thought.

 "Bash.. did William ever ride these horses?" Isolde called to her son who was taking Enya to the barn.

"I never asked him, Mama. Does it matter?" Bash asked when he walked back over to his Mother.

There was a bit of a wild glimmer to Heart's eyes.. one that said this horse would take some taming to before he could be ridden.. Enya at least looked to be more gentle. Bash would have to ride her... Tristen will have to tame this one..

"Bash.. you stay away from Heart until your Papa can get a good feel for him at tomorrow's light. You understand me? You are not to ride this horse.." Isolde said sternly.

"Yes Mama..." Sebastian agreed right away. "But Mama.. is he mad?"

"What? No, no I don't think so, son. I think Heart here is wild, but not mad. He doesn't have any signs... it's just a feelin is all." Isolde said calmly as she fed Heart more carrots.

Tristen and Elias returned home a few hours after Sebastian and Isolde put the horses in their stables for the night. Sebastian declared he was not going to sleep until his Father were to return so that he could speak to him "man to man." Knowing he must be famished, Isolde set about the kitchen putting together a helping of bred and cheese. The milk was cold now, but it could be warmed by the fire. When she called to Bash to let him know his meal was ready, Isolde got silence in return. In fact, she no longer heard the chair rocking back and forth against the wood flooring, only the crickets serenading the moon.

Peeking her head into the sitting room, Isolde smiled and leaned against the door frame. There in her rocking chair, Bash was fast asleep. So much for staying up for his "man to man" talk with his Father.
She was still leaning on the door frame when Tristan and Elias walked into the house. Holding her finger to her lips she pointed. Tristan followed where her finger pointed and saw his son, sleeping peacefully in the rocking chair. Smiling at his wife, he walked into the room. Picking up his son, Tristan carried Sebastian to his room and placed him carefully on his bed, covering him up with his blanket that Isolde had stitched for him.

When Tristan returned, there was another plate of bread and cheese on the table across from where Elias sat eating his share. Isolde was at the fireplace warming milk to go along with their late supper.
He'd overheard the tail end of his brother and wife's conversation, enough so to be able to piece together the rest of the story without having to hear anyone go into detail.
As honorable and noble his son's intentions were, he would have to return the horses to Hersh. He wanted nothing from that man.

"You will do no such thing." Isolde stood, hands on her hips, staring at her husband looking somewhat cross. As if reading where his thoughts were headed.

"Isolde, he killed my Mother, my sister and my little brother. I want nothing from that man and I want my son to have nothing to do with him, but to rid of him once and for all." stopping only to shove a piece of cheese in his mouth and take a drink of warm milk, Tristan looked to his brother as if to say, 'back me up here.'

Sensing her husbands discomfort about the entirety of the situation, Isolde walked around the table, sitting on her husbands lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"I think, Brother, you just lost." Elias said laughing with his mouth full of bread.

"Hmm, I don't know just yet." Grabbing his wife at the waist, Tristan stood and threw her over his shoulder warding him with a squeal of delight from his wife. "I think we will continue this discussion in the bedroom, Mrs. Bishop." Winking at his brother, Tristan turned on his heel, smacked his wife's behind earning him another squeal, pushed open the door this their chambers and kicked it shut with his heel. Leaving Elias alone to his thoughts and the crackling of the fire. One minute later, the silence was shattered with Tristan and his wife's lovemaking.

Suddenly, losing his appetite, Elias rose and at a hastily walked out of the house only to be greeted by the morning dew as it stuck to his face and clothes. Still able to hear Isolde moaning in pleasure, Elias took off at a dead run towards the Family Plot. It'd been awhile since he said 'Hello' to his Mother and told Louis of his travels.  He knew  his little brother would get a kick out of Elias naming his dog after him. 'Speaking of the devil and he shall appear.' Elias thought as his dog, Louis, hearing his master's running pace, came darting out of the barn and was right on his heels. Elias smiled.

"Come on ole dog, I'll race ya." and with that Elias picked up speed. Maybe a run would be better.

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