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Chapter 3.5

The years flown by as if they were nothing but a sweet, summer breeze. Sebastian was turning thirteen years old in the morning and Isolde was losing it big time. She'd tried biting her tongue, going about her daily chores. She even scrubbed the wood floors. Isolde had finished washing up for supper when Elias arrived.

"Isolde." Elias said with a nod in her direction. "Where's that nephew of mine?"

Isolde smiled at her husbands older brother. Elias was a quiet man, much different from her husband who has always been rather boisterous. Most would look at Elias and see a man who they couldn't read. Isolde looked at Elias and saw the world upon his shoulders. She didn't know why, but even as a child, Isolde had always felt familiar to Elias. She could anticipate his moves, his thoughts. She understood his silence. She looked at him now as he hung his bow and sheath and could feel that he was nervous, as he always was when Isolde was near him. Even as children, he'd been that way. Isolde never questioned it, she'd learned with Elias that less was more. For reasons she could not explain, Isolde rushed over to Elias and hugged him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, pinning his arms at his sides, Isolde hugged him as tightly as she could. Elias stood there, not moving. She wasn't even sure if he was breathing. She felt his body relax and she slowly peeled herself away from him.

Steadying herself, she turned away as to not look at him. Unsure of where these emotions came from and feeling queasy, she cleared her throat and went back to scrubbing the kitchen. Knowing he was watching intently, Isolde acted as if her rash behavior had never happened. Every part of her that touched him seemed to burn. Burn with this feverish need to have him in her arms again. 'What is wrong with you, Isolde Bishop!' She thought to herself.

Without looking at Elias, Isolde quietly told him that Bash and Tristan were bringing hay into the stables for the horses. She said this so quietly in fact that she wasn't sure Elias had heard her at all. She turned around just in time to see him close the door behind him as he walked out of the house, leaving her to stand there in her own silence. Feeling faint, Isolde left the cloth on the table and went to sit in the Rocking Chair in the next room.

"What is wrong with me!" Isolde chastised herself. Belle, who'd been laying by the hearth, barked in response to her master's questions. Isolde patted her knee and the dog trotted over to her, laying her head on her lap. Isolde lightly petted the top of Belle's head and sighed. "Do you know what's wrong with me, ole girl? HM?" She asked her dog. "No? Neither do I."

It was late by the time the men had arrived back at the house. Isolde already had their meals on the table, still steaming hot from just being plated. Tristan walked over to his wife and pulled her into his arms, dipping her backwards in their tiny kitchen and kissed her roughly on the lips. Letting her know that he had plans for her tonight that made her melt with anticipation. Their son broke their little rendezvous by laughing at whatever his Uncle had said to him. Straightening herself, she pushed her husband away and smiled at him, caressing his cheek. Grabbing her hand and holding it there he smiled back and kissed her, softer this time, on the lips.

"Eat your supper, Husband. You'll need fully belly's and lots of sleep tonight if you're to wake before dawn." Isolde said to her husband, directing the last part at all three men. Men, she sighed inwardly. My baby boy is a man now. The thought saddened her deeply. For years, she and Tristan had tried to have another baby, but luck was not on their side. Somewhere along the way, their love making had turned into something altogether. Isolde often thought about the nights she shared with her husband in their bed. She knew he loved her, needed her. It frightened her when she realized she may never bare anymore of his children. When she spoke of her fears to her husband, he stopped her by kissing her passionately on this lips. Making love to her to quiet her qualms. It was the first time in many years that Isolde felt like she had in those first few months after they had wed. After Alice's death, Tristan had gone distant with her. Leaving her to grieve for their daughter on her own. It was later that her Father had traveled to check on her after hearing about little Alice. When he saw the state his only daughter was in, he slapped Tristan across the face and demanded he get off his ass and fetch the Doctor. Never having seen her Father like this, Tristan took off in a dead run out of the house and showed up a few hours later with the Doctor. Tristan's left eye already bruised from where her Father had hit him.

'The Doctor asked Tristan to carry Isolde into their chamber so that he could examine her in private, his wife, Mary, was with him and walked into her room without needing to be told. Tristan stepped towards Isolde, who'd been sitting in her Rocker, but her Father stepped in his way. Robert stood there and glared at Tristan until finally, her husband fully understanding what Robert was telling him, marched outside and shut the door. Robert turned to his daughter, his face going soft.

"Oh my dear sweet Lass," Robert spoke as he bent over Isolde, lifted her into his arms and carried her to her bed. Laying her down gently as if she were so delicate he was afraid she would break, he looked at Mary and spoke very quietly to the Doctor's wife, but firmly so that she could not dismiss his words than nothing more than a warning. "You will not allow Tristan to enter this room. If he tries... you holler for me. I will be outside.. saying goodbye to my Grand-Daughter."

"Yes, of course." Mary spoke fast, but her words were stressed with fear. Everyone who know Robert, knew you did not want to upset him. He had quiet a temper, but only when agitated.
Robert walked out of the room then, turning only to take one last glance at his daughter, then he headed to the Bishop Family plot to mourn his Grand-Daughter's death. Anne was with child, but she was having a hard time of it. She was bleeding a lot these days, not a good sign. According her Anne, anyways. Robert had thought long and hard about having more children. He wanted Anne to be happy, but he'd suffered enough loss in this lifetime to last him until he was dead and put in the earth. He promised Anne they would try, though. Robert decided, without Anne, that if she lost this baby, no more. He couldn't take any more death. Cursing out loud, Robert stomped his way to the back of the property, praying to God that his daughter would not be another one he would have to bury.

The Doctor had been in their chamber with Isolde for hours. It was becoming dusk out and Tristan started to worry. He knew he'd been harsh towards his wife. Blaming her for their daughter's death, even though he knew it wasn't her fault. It could have happened no matter who had her. He knew that. He rode into the market and stopped to speak to Mother Superior about his thoughts. He couldn't talk to Isolde.. there was too much hatred inside him for that. He let his wife bury their daughter. He even left her at the farm and stayed away for a fortnight. When he returned home, he'd discovered that Henry had left. There was a note saying that he could no longer live where there was such much death where there used to be nothing but love. He didn't say where he was headed, but Tristan knew. Henry had been talking about joining the King's Army since he was a small boy.

Tristan cursed himself for what he'd done to Isolde. If he lost her, it would be his own doing. If he lost her, he knew it was God punishing him for deserting her. He started kicking at the barn when the front door opened. He turned and all but ran back to the house.

"How is she?! Is she alright? Can I please see her!" Tristan begged Mary, pleaded with her, but she wouldn't budge. She was a tiny woman, he could easily move her.. but there was something quiet fierce about the way she looked at him. Just then he heard Robert's booming voice coming from behind him.

"You will do no such thing. I heard what you done to my Isolde and if she dies, I will kill you myself." Robert pushed past Tristan and waited for Mary, still glaring at him, move aside so that he could get passed. After Robert was in the house, Mary slammed the door in Tristan's face.
Robert waited to be invited into Isolde's chamber's, he paced outside her room until the Doctor finally opened the door beckoning for Robert come in.

"Your daughter will be fine." The Doctor spoke in hushed tones as to not wake his daughter, who Robert could see was finally resting. Underneath her eyes blackened from crying and serious lack of sleep. He'd seen it in his wife's face when she was sick. It was because of that, Robert was sick with worry, hearing the Doctor say she would be fine gave him much needed relief. Such much so in fact that he hugged the Doctor tightly and quiet suddenly that it caused Mary to giggle out loud. Covering her mouth, Mary turned away from Robert and her husband and tended to Isolde.

Mary's quiet voice disrupted Robert's rejoicing. "Robert."
Robert turned and looked at her with a huge grin across his face. Mary held a cloth in her hand that she'd been using to wipe Isolde's face with, and was standing much closer to Robert than he had anticipated. Take a step back, he cleared his throat and sobered himself. He knew that he had not heard everything.

"Robert, Isolde is fine. My Husband is going to give some herbs to Tristan who is to serve it to her in her tea." holding up her hand before Robert could interrupt, she continued, "Tristan is her husband, Robert. I understand your actions, but he has to right this situation. Everyone deals with loss in their own way, but Tristan is her husband and.. he is the Father of her children."

She looked at Robert then as if waiting for what she has said to register, but Robert just stood there. Staring at Mary as if she were speaking gibberish. The Doctor gathered his tools and walked over to his wife, cupping her elbow. "Your daughter is with child. Her emotions are heightened due to her being pregnant so her feeling of loss is a great deeper than your husband could have anticipated. She will be find. I am going to speak to Mr. Bishop now and tell him the good news." With that, the Doctor lead his wife out of his daughter and son-in-law's house leaving Robert and Isolde alone.'
That night, Tristan made love to Isolde like it was their first time. He was soft, tender. He moved slowly, feeling every inch of her as he moved inside her, relishing the feel of her around him. He deepened his kiss as pushed deeper inside of her, pushing Isolde to the edge of release. She rewarded him only minutes later melting all around him while calling out his name over and over again. Causing him to lose himself inside her. They lay there for hours, moving nothing but their mouths as they kissed each other. Tristan rolled them over so that Isolde straddled him. All the while, their bodies still connected together. Their mouths still pressed against each other's. Feeling her husband's excitement, Isolde begin to move her body atop Tristan's. She started slowly until she felt herself let go, but she didn't stop. She moved faster, pushing herself until she almost lost him. Grabbing onto her husband's shoulders for support, she drove his excitement into hers causing Tristan to shout her name. Gasping with pleasure, Isolde did this over and over until Tristan met her movements with his own.

Knowing what she wanted.
Knowing what he needed.

Moving together as one until both spent, met their release, clinging to one another.

"I love you." Tristan spoke, his voice deep and husky form their love making. Leaning forward he started kissing his wife's body, holding her close to his body. Isolde sat on top of him. His sex still inside of her. She lifted her head off his shoulder and kissed her husbands lips softly.
"As I love you." Isolde said, barely above a whisper.
Gripping her hips, Tristan suddenly was on top of Isolde. He looked down at his beautiful wife and smiled. Isolde's eyes grew larger, feeling her husband's excitement thickening inside her. Her breathing became erratic, she knew her husband was not finished. She closed her eyes as Tristan began to move inside of her, over and over he thrusted his sex into her. Meeting his movements with her own, causing Tristan to fasten his pace.

A loud crash reverberated throughout the house, causing Isolde to scream. Tristan covered her mouth and then held a finger to his lips. They bath sat there, trying to steady their breath when they heard the front door open and shut. Looking each other in the eyes, Isolde nodded slowly. Tristan lifted his wife, slowly as to not hurt her, off of his lap and placed her gently onto the bed. Throwing his undergarments on, he cracked the door. Louis was sitting at the front door, as if waiting for Elias to walk into the room at any given moment. Sighing, Tristan turned to his wife who had quietly threw on her own undergarments and was standing almost directly behind him.

"It was Elias." Tristan said, his voice strained. Isolde looked at the ground at the mention of his name. Memory of her sudden urge to need to hold him coming back to her. Biting her lip, she pushed aside her husband and walked out into the kitchen. Tristan leaned against the door frame watching Isolde, curiously.

"I don't think you should go." Isolde said, not very quietly either. "I have a bad feeling about this hunting trip, Tristan. Bash is just a boy."

"It's tradition, Isolde. When a Bishop son turns 13, he is take his first solo hunting trip. I have listened to your irrational qualms, dear wife. I have agreed to take our son, and my brother, on his first hunting trip as a man." Tristan walked up to his wife, resting his hands on her delicate frame, he slowly turned Isolde around to face him. Holding her face in between his hands he kissed her.
Grabbing her nightdress, he hiked it up to waist, pushing his knee in between his wife's legs to separate them. Cupping her sex he began to move his fingers, Isolde gasped pressing her hands against her husbands chest. 'She's telling me no?' Tristan asked himself. He always liked a challenge.

Suddenly, grabbing her buttocks, he lifted Isolde pressing her against the door to the second bedroom where Mart and Samuel slept. Isolde's eyes widened and opened her mouth to say something her husband, but he shut her up by pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Hearing her groan, he pushed his fingers inside her, massaging her sex until he felt her tighten and melt around her as she gasped out his name.

He'd pushed down his undergarments and was about to take his wife right then and there when he heard his brother clear his throat from behind them. Turning his head just enough to be able to see his brother, Tristan simply raised his eyebrows as if to say, "Sod off!" Elias, keeping eye contact with his Tristan, walked into the kitchen and set about continuing whatever it was that he'd been doing that interrupted their lovemaking the first time. Turning his attention back to his wife, 'be damned with your brother if you think you will stop me from taking my wife in my house' Tristan said to himself. He started stroking Isolde more roughly when she tried to wiggly herself free. Tristan could see she was embarrassed by Elias being in the room, but for some reason he didn't care. He suddenly wanted to take his wife in front of his brother as if to claim her. To say, 'She is mine!' Thrusting himself inside her, Isolde cried out. Then she slapped Tristan across the face. Staggering backwards and almost falling because his legs were bound by his undergarments, Isolde straightened herself and pulled down her night dress. She marched out of the room, slamming their bedroom door behind her.
Tristan stood there, his undergarments still at his ankles, when his son bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. Elias blocking Tristan from his son's view, allowed Tristan a moment to gather himself. Clearing his throat as if to single his brother that he was covered, Elias just turned back to the counter not even looking at his brother.

"Bash, you're up early." Tristan looked outside and it wasn't quiet yet dawn, but close.
"Papa, Uncle Elias!" Bash was beaming with excitement. "Today I am a man! Where's Mama?"
Sebastian reached for the door to his parents chambers when Elias stopped him, "Bash, why don't you let your Ma sleep for a spell. She'll wake with the dawn and help see us off. You can go get Heart ready for your hunting trip."
Not waiting for further instructions, Bash darted from the house towards the stables.

Tristan and Elias stared at each other for what seemed like 15 minutes but really was only 30 seconds. So much was said in that small frame of time between the two brothers. Tristan pushed past Elias and walked into his chambers, where Isolde waited for him. Elias did not know. What he did know was that Tristan, though a great man, was a lot like their Father. Who used sex as punishment and reward against their Mother. It seemed that Tristan picked that up as well. It wasn't long before the hushed tones from the bedroom turned into moans and cries of pleasure. He couldn't take it anymore. Elias grabbed what food he'd been preparing, shoved it into the satchel, and walked out of the house not bothering to close the door behind him.

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