Monday, May 16, 2016

A Word from the Author/Writer of Living Off the Land

Dear LOTFL Readers,

Hello all you beautiful amazing people that have continued to support Living Off the Land by encouraging me to continue writing it even after '"the great delete," (as my close simblr friends I and have started calling it, lol), and by continuing to read my story even though the last entry was dated, January 26th, 2015! You have no idea how much it means to me to know that even after my absense, Living Off the Land has continued to thrive! It's truly inspired me!! So much so that after losing EVERYTHING over a year ago for Living Off the Land as well as all of my other games I actively played, I have gone through and redownloaded the original Bishop Farm from TSR as well as a bunch of content. Some of the items in which I had before were no longer available or the links were down etc. etc.

I have also re-downloaded all of the original characters that were still in the story before "The Great Delete." HOWEVER, in my absence from Living Off the Land, I have learned a few things.
1. Pose Player - I am MUCH better using this than I was when Elias and Isolde married by their pond on the Bishop Farm.
2. SLIDERS! I have discovered their beauty and I have made quiet a few amazing creations (if I do say so myself, hah).
3. The current characters that stand will be getting a major tune up! Thus being:
Elias Bishop
Isolde Bishop
Oweynn Bishop
Thomas Bishop
4. CC.. man.. CC is amazing.. skins/tattoos/clothes/hairs everything CC galore.. and OMSP! LMAO

So.. there will be changes to my Character page but I will try to delicately edit that by adding their new pictures next to their old. Fingers crossed I don't flub everything up. Well, with that being said... I have much to do. I don't promise the farm to look exactly the same as it had before "The Great Delete," especially since the characters won't. My new found simming skills won't allow it! Stay tuned!


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